5 punny halloween costumes your dad would approve of

As cute as lingerie and animal eared headbands are (I’m a mouse, duh!), make this the Halloween to show off your wit, word wizardry and adorkable lameness. Best thing about these costumes? You can find all the materials you need right at home!


  1. A Southern Belle

You will need:

  • A cow bell

  • A half decent southern accent

  • A handful of quotes from “Gone with the Wind”


2) Gum Stuck to a Shoe

You will need:

  • Pink clothes from head to toe (the color, not the brand!)

  • A sneaker tied to your head

  • Unlimited patience to repeatedly explain what your costume is throughout the evening


3) “Reigning” Cats and Dogs - yes, we got this one from New Girl

You will need:

  • Royal attire (think crown, a sceptre, a velvet robe, etc)

  • Plush (or real?) cats and dogs to stick on aforementioned royal attire


4) A French Kiss

You will need:

  • White and Black face paint to achieve an authentic Gene Simmons aesthetic

  • Excellent genes for your skin to recover from aforementioned face paint

  • A cigarette

  • A striped black and white shirt and a red necktie

  • A baguette


5) Freudian Slip

  • A little black slip

  • Various labels with words like “libido”, “oral fixation”, and “penis envy”

  • Motivation to practice psychoanalysis on every person you encounter (optional)


Chanel Samson is a Public Relations major and former Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Broward College. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she enjoys politely asserting her Canadian superiority in any given situation. Along with her involvement in Her Campus, she is an avid poet, which has earned her several awards and publications. She currently works for a travel publication in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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