I Miss You, Sleep

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I Miss You, Sleep

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Before college, I have never in my life tried to take so many naps during the day. Back in high school, I was very busy and sometimes I didn't’t get much sleep either. Also, in high school, I did not have so much time between my classes like I do in college. Therefore, when I left work and then headed to dance, after all of that I was on my home and finished for the day. I usually did all my homework for whatever classes I had during the day because I did not have all of my classes at my high school and I had a free a hour or so before I headed to the college for the rest of my classes for the day. During that hour or so, I finished papers, assignments, and any necessary  homework that I knew I did not want to finish when I arrived home that night. When my schedule was like this, I never was able to nap but at least I, usually, got some good hours of sleep at night. Well, I no longer know what “sleep” is anymore. Sleep is like a long lost friend that I’m searching for and trying new ways to find but everytime I think I’m close to finding sleep it just pushes me back to where I started. Now, that’s where naps come into place. Being that I can never, I mean never no matter what, be settled in for bed by 10:00 p.m. at Brenau University, I’m always trying to sneak power naps into my day. Sometimes, those little power naps do me some justice, but other times they make me want to fall off a bridge, hit my head on a rock, and go into coma because they remind me of how I’m definitely not getting good or even enough sleep. Well, at least if I go into a coma I’ll be resting more than ever right about now. I just want sleep to be my best friend again. Is that too much too ask for?Image result for people sleeping

Azayla B. Rodriguez

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