Five Things College Has Taught Me

College teaches everybody something that will help them out later on in their lifetimes. After attending Brenau University for only six weeks, I am already learning so much that will help me later on in life.

1. You will break out of your shell sooner or later.

I always get very quiet and shy at the beginning of the school year even if I am a returning student. Well, I had to move in early and was very shy, so my lovely Residential Assistant had brought me to lunch with her and some of her sorority sisters to help me try and break out of my shell before classes would begin in a week. Having just one lunch with her and her sisters helped me begin to break out of my shell which later helped me make more friends over the next few weeks.

2. You will get involved in more activities than you can count early on.

Being at a small school really helps students get involved with campus activities. I came to Brenau not expecting to get so involved in campus life as early have. Like mentioned earlier, I have only been here for about six weeks, but I am in more clubs than I thought I would be. I've gone back to my past by joining Spectrum Singers, began to branch out by joining Women in Technology and continued utilizing my mass communications life style to write for Her Campus and The Alchemist.

3. You will forget to eat at times.

I've always tried to stay busy, but this past year, I've gotten so busy some days that I just forget to eat. I have actually slept through a couple of meals because I have been so busy with my crazy schedule. Luckily, we have the Tea Room that is almost always open and works pretty well with my schedule so I can still manage to eat even if it is two meals a day.

4. Your professors truly are there to help you out in life.

Your professors will help you succeed in your career. In fact, almost every single week, my French professor discusses the possibility of studying abroad sometime throughout our college careers. Not to mention, your professors generally have connections with other people, so you have the possibility of having a job as soon as you receive your diploma.

5. Planners and calendars will become your best friend.

A student can get very lost in her life when working almost every day a week, taking 16 credit hours with multiple courses wanting multiple assignments turned in daily and a busy club schedule without multiple planners or calendars handy. I personally have five different planners or calendars that I can refer to when life gets stressful. If I did not have as many planners as I do, I would probably be running around with my head cut off right now.

Over all, no matter what, college will be the best and the worst time of your life. Do not be afraid to get involved, but be sure to not overload your plate. Stay organized and get to know your teachers. You never know when you will need that job recommendation in the future.

I am a Mass Communications major and Music minor sophomore/junior at Brenau University. I am also the Senior Editor for the HC Brenau chapter, and an HC Campus Trendsetter.

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