4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Walden Pond ASAP

Walden Pond not only epitomizes Thoreau’s literary expertise and Emerson’s divine nature, but more basically Massachusetts’ most notable season. A quick summer getaway from Brandeis, I’ve often come for a dip in the pond and to put my feet in the sand. A chilly November weekend, however, left me with the same desire to visit but with a slightly different itinerary.

Here’s why you MUST check out Walden Pond This Fall season:

  1. The Foliage

It’s exquisitely captivating. Imagine the crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet juxtaposed against the sight of evolving ones. On the nearly two-mile walking loop which surrounds the pond, you’ll feel like you’ve been propped in a postcard.

  1. Dogs. Period.

With its space for exploration and access to the sand, the loop is a pup’s holiday. For us college kids, cuddles with these guys along the trail is more therapeutic than their owners’ may realize.

  1. Perspective

Midterms, finals, and everything in-between can feel isolating. A Sunday morning walk at Walden couldn't come at a more appropriate time. Going off campus for a few hours to experience New England reminds you that the world does not cease to exist outside of our comfortable campus.

  1. Opportunity to Detox

Bring a camera, but leave your phone at home. Don’t let yourself be distracted from the beauty that being in the moment here offers.

Brittany is a senior at Brandeis University. She loves looking for exciting new volunteer opportunities in and around her community, spreading school spirit working in Brandeis admissions, and sharing memories from her semester abroad in Denmark. In her free time, you might find her browsing Spotify for new music, scouting out hole-in-the-wall food joints, or face-timing with her eleven year old brother. Check her out on Instagram @britt_wolfe for snapshots of her life and if you're hungry, check out her foodstagram @diningonthedaily!

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