• 7 People You Meet On Friendsy

    The Friendsy frenzy is fading fast, but once upon a time (aka before spring break), the Bowdoin campus was buzzing with the campus-friend-tinderish-app-thing. Sadly, the trend is starting to fade, but before you delete your Friendsy experience from your phone, let’s re-live the memories with a few of the people you might have encountered:

  • Lilian Gharios: Community Service Across the World

    First-year Lilian Gharios has already made her mark on Bowdoin’s campus. Between giving a Food for Thought lecture in February and starting a fundraising campaign for Iraqi refugees, Lilian is to be admired for her dedication to helping the Brunswick area and as well communities near her home in Aqaba, Jordan.

  • Zipsters at Bowdoin

    Spring is finally here (sort of)! Dying to get off campus to start enjoying the warm-ish weather? The Bowdoin Zipcar team has got you...

  • How to Be a Good Wingwoman

    Do you have a friend that is rather shy? You know, the kind of friend that daydreams about that cute boy she saw at Thorne the other day...

  • Chris Genco '15

    Chris has a huge presence at Bowdoin – you may see him on the track, on the stage performing with BOKA, or playing in the orchestra. His constant positive attitude and warm heart not only make him a great teammate, but also a great friend! Chris can always make you feel better, no matter how stressed or sad you are!

  • Maxwell Wolf '15

    Meet Max Wolf: he's a water polo player from Moline, Illinois who's passionate about helping others and making his girlfriend happy.

  • Sailing Season

    The warm weather isn't back yet, but the sailing team is for their spring season!

  • Esther Nunoo: Inspiration in Words

    Known across campus for her powerful poetry performances, Esther Nunoo’s vivid words and passionate delivery have rightly made her a notable member of the class of 2017. Inside, Her Campus sits down with Esther to learn more about how she got her start in poetry, her writing process, and what’s special about NYC!

  • Academics-4.jpg

    7 Best Study Spots for Midterm Week

    In the midst of midterms, it’s important to have a great place to go study. While staying in your own room can be nice, sometimes it can help to find a cozy spot and hit the books. Here are seven great study spots for all kinds of workers.

  • Sage Mikami '15

    Sage is known for her amazing diving skills, for her "particularly honest" hips in belly dancing club, and for her academic prowess in biochemistry, but there is so much more to know about her! (Author's note: I am blown away by her amazing curly hair and killer smile, and may or may not have a huge girl crush on her.)

  • Snowpocalypse Victorious

    Relentless snow storms have completely blocked the entrance to the Bowdoin Organic Garden's shed. That's ok, we didn't really want to go in...

  • 8 Most Common Yaks at Bowdoin

    The Bowdoin Yik Yak feed is thankfully more intellectual than one might expect from an anonymous social media app. Although there are often some pretty creative posts, it’s easy to spot the trends in what we post. Most Bowdoin yaks fall into one of these categories...

  • Justin J. Pearson: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

    Justin Pearson gained early notoriety among the Class of 2017 with his memorable and successful campaign for class president last year. Since then, he has become one of the most charismatic people on campus, with a smile and a friendly word for everyone he meets. Read on to learn more about the man behind the suit.

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