Pre-Winter Break Thoughts

Finals are coming, but all you can think about is going home. You are thinking about all of the positive things that are at home compared to your college town. You are looking forward to home-cooked meals from your mom, compared to eating at the dining hall. You cannot wait to snuggle with your dog, which is way better than getting excited when you see a dog walking on campus. You finally get to see your friends from home, and spend some quality time with your family. Let’s not forget the best part of a break: no school work (unless you are taking a winter class).

While all of these positive things are running through your mind, there are some sad thoughts as well. You are going to miss the lifelong friends you have made at school, and spend just about every day with. You are already planning when you are going to drive the hours (instead of walking down the hall/road) to visit, because you know you cannot make it a full month without each other. You are going to miss the parties too, because apparently, it is not appropriate to blackout with your besties on a Wednesday in your hometown. Overall, winter break is a blessing and a curse. Enjoy your time off, but I am sure you will be ready to come back soon!

Hi! My name is Kiersten Edwards, I am an Early Ed major at Bloomsburg University, class of 2018. I enjoy many things including being outdoors, reading books, and writing! Enjoy!