Feelings We All Have Before Winter Break

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The weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas are arguably the slowest, most painful of college. The end of the semester is so close, and yet so far. There are only a few things that stand between you and going home. Here are a few emotions we all go through:


Going back to class on Monday: 

When you regret procrastinating over break:

When your professor assigns that final paper you've been dreading: 

 The moment you check your bank account: 


When you realize you have no time for a social life: 

But you still try to go out anyway:  

When you finally finish your last project: 

Your brain is fried from sitting in front of your computer for hours straight: 

When you remember it’s almost Christmas: 

Wishing everyone the best of luck these next few weeks! Remember, "Winter [break] is coming."



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