Frost Chapel

This time of year we are all out exploring the gorgeous campus we're lucky enough to be exposed to, but don't forget about our rich history. Pop into the buildings and pay attention to the great architecture and beautiful designs. Frost Chapel on mountain campus is an amazing spot to go and collect your thoughts. Admire the quiet atomosphere and soak in the light from the stained glass windows because Martha Berry would have wanted you to.

Annabeth Sadler is the campus correspondent for the Berry College chapter of Her Campus. She is a junior majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations. Annabeth is from Valdosta, Ga. and graduated from Valdosta High School. She adamantly wanted to be a spy when she was a little girl, but these days she's thinking that after graduation she would happily take a job working on the PR side of the publishing industry or a job with the Her Campus management team. Annabeth enjoys reading YA fiction, watching the same movies over and over again, following Ed Sheeran closely on social media, and avidly using song lyrics in her every day vernacular.

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