12 Cat Gifs That Sum Up the New Semester at Berry

1. Looking over the course schedule in the syllabus for the first time.


That’s fine, I wasn’t planning on having a life this year or anything.


2. When syllabus day morphs into lecture one.


Can’t we ease back in?


3. Noticing all the changes around campus.


Was anyone else shocked by the new furniture in the library?


4. Reuniting with your friends


Even if you saw them over the summer, there's nothing like being back at Berry with your buds.


5. ...And with the deer.


We missed our animal friends too, of course.


6. Trying to figure out which textbooks you actually have to buy. 


Because purchasing them all would be the price equivalent of buying your own small island.


7. Watching all the emails flood in.


Your inbox is never empty.


8. Realizing you’re already behind on homework by day three.




9. Eating D-Hall for the first time in months.


Always an experience.


10. Trying to motivate yourself to get into a workout routine at the Cage.


Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream.


11. Perfecting your new look.


It has to look good, but it can’t look like you tried to look good.


12. Hearing all of the exciting things your classmates did over the break.


I watched the entirety of Lost...does that count?


Abigail (Abby) DeGennaro is a junior at Berry College. She is majoring in communication with a concentration in PR and a minor in English. Abby enjoys reading mystery novels, bicycling, and watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for the hundredth time.

Anna Ratliff is a Junior at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She studies studio art and visual communication as a double major with concentrations in ceramics and visual rhetoric, respectively. She enjoys knitting, sleeping, and spending way too much time looking at pictures of chickens.

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