Top 5 Things You Miss About Your Dog

One of the hardest goodbyes when leaving for college is that which you must bid to your dog. Here is a list of the top five things you miss about your dog when away at school:


1.)  We hated it at home, but now that you’re at school, you no longer wake up early from your dog barking outside. Instead, your roommates wake you up at the unreasonable hour—which was only acceptable for your dog to do.

2.)  As annoying as it may have been while at home, we all do miss finding dog hair all over our clothes.

3.)  No matter the time or day, you always had a snuggle buddy to curl up beside you.

4.)  You no longer have trouble finding your missing shoe. But let’s face it, we all miss going on a scavenger hunt every now and then.

5.)  Every time you open the door, your dog isn’t there to greet you with all the enthusiasm in the world.

During the time when we’re unfortunately away from our dogs, nothing beats the feeling of receiving pictures from your parents expressing how much your dog misses you. Luckily, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we will be able to cherish the moments with our dogs soon enough!

Pictured: Koda, Summear’s canine, in the holiday spirit



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