Tom Kane '20

Name: Tom Kane

Class: 2020

Major: Eco-Fi

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Her Campus Bentley: What’s the Tom Kane starter pack?

Tom Kane: My iPhone 7 Plus (with portrait mode camera setting), my “Hillary for President” bag (purchased Summer 2017), and a Sobeä Life Water.

HCB: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

TK: Taking MA 139...twice.

HCB: Who is your greatest inspiration?

TK: Michelle Obama, because she inspires children everywhere and she cares about education, knowledge, and school lunches.


HCH: What’s your biggest regret?

TK: I’m 20 years old and I’ve never met Hillary Clinton. Do the math.

HCB: What’s your go-to off campus activity?

TK: Watching mall walkers in the morning on my way to work.


HCB: Fun fact about yourself?

TK: I have a Maine coon cat that requires a pretty big haircut twice a year.

HCB: Favorite movie, song, and TV show character?

TK: Fargo, Nicki Minaj’s part of “Rake it Up,” and Ms. Juicy from Little Women: Atlanta.

HCB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

TK: *laughs* Feeling old because it’s my 30th birthday, but also relaxed because I’m cruising through the Caribbean on my private yacht. 





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cat, chocolate, and john mayer enthusiast. 

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