• Delaney Molnar '19

    Meet Delaney Molnar, the superlative swimmer and phenomenal friend that everyone needs in their life!

  • Bella Cassizzi ‘20

    Meet Bella, the world traveler from the West Coast who's making her mark on the Bentley community!

  • Cecilia Flynn '19

    Meet Cecilia Flynn, a transfer student who is making her mark on the Bentley community!

  • Caroline Gervais '19

    Meet Caroline Gervais, the fashion-forward friend that everyone needs! Keep reading to learn more about this glamorous Gamma.

  • Nicole Furnari '17

    Meet a true MVP of the Her Campus team, Nicole Furnari! Perhaps best known for her "How to Throw a Banger" article series, this savvy...

  • Katie Giacobbi '17

    Katie Giacobbi is a senior from North Providence, RI, she's a Marketing major and working on a minor in IDCC. On campus she's involved in...

  • Sara Buckbee '17

    Sara Buckbee is a senior graduating in May 2017. She's majoring in Economics-Finance and has a LSM in Health and Industry. On campus her...

  • Mike Sullivan '19

    Meet this week’s campus cutie Mike Sullivan, a sophomore CIS major who knows how to tear it up on Guitar Hero. Name : Mike Sullivan...

  • Ally Schwerdtfeger ’19

    Meet Ally Schwerdtfeger—the sophomore with a passion for pups and an eye for adventure! Year: Sophomore Hometown: Miller Place, Long Island...

  • Luca Panzoni '20

    Name: Luca Panzoni Graduation Year: 2020 Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina Major: Finance Her Campus Bentley: What would you say is most...

  • Aman Ailani '20

    Name: Aman Ailani Graduation Year : May 2020 Hometown : Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Major : Management with a concentration in...

  • Andrew Snodgrass '17

    Is it fair to say that Andrew is the most interesting person we've interviewed? You be the judge.

  • JD Towers '17

    This week’s campus cutie is JD Towers, a junior from Saratoga Springs, NY. JD is an Eco-Fi major with a minor in History of Warfare. At...