5 Albums for Finals

The end of the semester is approaching and that can mean only one thing. Finals. Finals are stressful enough but there’s also about 50 group projects to get done and you still have to buy all your friends a Christmas gift. While all of that is daunting, I’ll tell you the one thing that always helps me through it. Music makes everything less stressful, that is, if you’re listening to the right music. Here is a list of five albums that have gotten me through studying for hours and have left me feeling relaxed while doing it. 

Handsome Ghost, Steps (EP)



Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood 



Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life



Oh Wonder, Ultralife



The Japanese House, Swim Against the Tide (EP)

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Megan is a second year student at Belmont University, located just outside of downtown Nashville. On any given day you can find her creating a Spotify playlist, jotting down some poetry or searching for a new vintage clothing store. If you go an entire conversation with her and don't hear something about her undying love for Elton John, you didn't talk to her long enough.

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