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Dear Collegiettes,

You’ve all been seeing and hearing the hype for Lulu, the Girls-Only app for reviews and recommendations on guys.

Here’s how it works: Essentials You Need to Know About Lulu

I am not so secretly in love with Lulu.  It’s fun and the best excuse for procrastination when I have a paper to write.  Lulu allows me to see which guys are keepers or major creepers.  It also allows me to be as kind and merciful or as vindictive and ruthless as I want when reviewing guys I’ve interacted with.  Lulu gives me the power to be Taylor Swift.  Need I say more?

To all you guys who never gave me the time of day, watch out.  Lulu says that all reviews are positive—not mine.  If you were ever a jerk to me, my roommates, my sister, or someone I was ever friends with, I will probably leave a harsh review of you.  I really have zero toleration for rude and disrespectful guys, and Lulu is the perfect outlet for me to share you with all of my friends.

I’m not a serial psycho-reviewer, though. To the guys who have treated me well in the past and to my great guy friends, I gave you great reviews. You deserve them.

I really like that Lulu allows you to rate guys through survey-like questions, and at the end it produces a number score.  It’s fair, and girls can’t leave zeros for boys they dislike.  You have the option to rate them as Ex-Boyfriend, Crush, Together, Hooked Up, Friend, or Relative.  Then, you select good and bad hash-tag descriptions of the guy, and once you’re done with that, voila, a number appears with a brief summary.

I like Lulu a lot because it is a feminist’s dream app.  You can leave brutally honest and fair reviews and the guys can’t see a thing.  Your privacy is protected and women hold all the power.  It might seem a bit unfair to guys, but hey, we deserve it. Hundreds of years of inequality for us and with this one app suddenly guys are all in a fuss!  Like men didn’t do the same exact thing in their gentlemen’s clubs…  Yeah, it wasn’t extended to as large a network as Facebook, but still.

On a more serious note, I would advise you to take the reviews people leave with a grain of salt.  The idea of Lulu is great—girls helping each other realize which guys are hot, nice, ambitious or mean, creepy, etc.  However, the reviews don’t hold much weight when there are vindictive reviewers out there as well as guys reviewing themselves through a girl’s phone.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still get enjoyment from reviewing, but I know that it is probably the most meaningless and fleeting enjoyment I will ever get.  Enjoy the app for what it is: a frivolous but fun procrastination technique.


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