Taking Advantage of Plex Classes: Fan Favorites

In the real world, you have to pay for a gym membership.  In the real world, each yoga class, spin class, and cardio class can cost anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars.  Since these costs are just factored into our monstrous tuition bill at BC, it feels like these fabulous classes at the Plex are free of charge because you don’t pay for them every time you swipe your card at the front desk or walk into a studio.  In actuality, we are paying for them every time we take a midterm or attend an academic lecture.  Ironically enough, we sometimes need to go to the gym, release some endorphins, and de-stress from all the demands of our schoolwork.  While we’re still students at BC, we should take advantage of these “free” classes.  

Ever get bored of your usual 30-minute workout on the treadmill or elliptical? Switch it up and try these great classes taught by BC’s very best…
Sunrise Yoga:
Waking up for a 7:15 am workout doesn’t sound particularly appealing to many collegiettes, but trust me, it’s worth it.  Every Tuesday and Thursday the Plex offers a sunrise yoga class that is approximately one hour long.  Both instructors are very competent and their abilities are out of this world.  It is a great way to wake up all your joints and muscles and still engage in a great strength-training workout.  The class usually starts off with some stretches and eases you into a series of sun salutations.  The vinyassa flow is relaxing, yet challenging.  The balancing poses, usually toward the end of the class, are a great way to focus for the day ahead.  Of course, the class ends with a glorious Savasana.  Don’t forget your yoga mat! (blocks, blankets, straps, and relaxation are provided)!
Here’s what people had to say:

“I absolutely love Phoebe's sunrise yoga class, especially since I am a runner. It’s relaxing, but also a good workout.” –Kelsey Damassa ‘14

Spinning is a great way to get your heart pumping and your legs moving.  Kelsey, one of HC BC’s very own, instructs Spin classes 6:30 pm on Wednesdays and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.  The multitude of Spin classes that the Plex offers allows for some flexibility.  There is bound to be one class you can attend if you’re really busy…just make sure you call ahead to reserve your spot.

Here’s what some of our writer’s had to say about their favorite Spin classes:

“I LOVE going to spin class.  I go three times a week and I always feel so refreshed and de-stressed after it.  The loud music and the intensity of the class makes the hour go by so fast that I don't even realize I'm dripping in sweat.” –Lauren Ruvo ‘14

“I am absolutely OBSESSED with the spinning classes.  I go every Monday and Wednesday (or try to).  Johnathan teaches them, I don't think he has sweat glands... But he's super nice and has awesome playlists.  Spinning is a great workout.”  
–Sami Middleton
“I really like Kelsey's spin class! It’s not just because she’s my roommate.  She is a great spin teacher because she's always super encouraging and motivates the class!  I really like her Saturday class.” –Remy Hassett ‘14

Both my Aunt and Mother are Zumba-addicts.  So much so that they have both been trained, earned their certifications, and teach classes regularly (one in Vermont and one on Long Island).  With having helped choreograph routines with my mom, I decided to go to a Zumba class here at BC to see if it lived up to my expectations.  I am pleased to report that wherever you go, Zumba is a great cardio-fitness workout.  Be prepared to sweat!

“Nicole's Zumba class every Wednesday night is great!  It makes my Wednesdays super long (I have class all day, teach spin at 6:30 and then stay for Zumba at 8pm), but it is totally worth it!  It is always good to find workouts that are fun, yet effective!” –Kelsey Damassa ‘14

Described by some as “the best workout ever,” BCX is sure to be a worthwhile and sweat-inducing hour.  It is a combination workout routine with the famous p90x in the mix.  Here is what fellow writer Maggie Burge had to say about Gio Trilleras’ Tuesday/Thursday BCX class:

“Gio's class does the trick.  I go every Tuesday and have gone all year and it is the hardest yet most effective and rejuvenating workout I have ever done.  A combo of p90x and insanity, Gio makes us do harder workouts than humanly possible but does a great job helping us push ourselves and making it fun.  Everyone should go!!!!”

So there you have it, Her Campus BC’s favorite and best Plex class workouts.  There are so many more that you have to try…check out their schedule!  If you have a free hour there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of all these amazing workouts.  Grab your roommates and check out all the great group fitness classes!

Photo Credit:
Remy Hassett