Meet Kam Bain, Chris Jaroszewski, Will Brenn, & Amy McDonnell: Creators of Tyro Times


“Tyro is a word bubbling with power.  In English, the word means “a beginner in learning.”  In Medieval Latin, Tyro means “young soldier.”  Our generation is a collection of Tyros; we are indeed young and still learning about the world we will soon inherit, but we also are young soldiers who know that with the right ambition, passion, and attitude, we can leave the world a better place that we were given.”

If you haven’t heard of Tyro Times, you soon will.  Created by Kam Bain, Chris Jaroszewski, Will Brenn and Amy McDonnell, Tyro Times is a website that prides itself on being a place “where passions, opinions and ideas collide.”  At first glance, the premise behind the website seems pretty straightforward.  With article sections such as sports, culture and music, Tyro Times fits the criteria of your typical college-based website.  However, as co-founder Kam Bain points out, “there are very few college-run, college-based opinion magazines.”  The premise behind Tyro is that anyone can talk about anything they are passionate about, while encouraging intellectual conversation and knowledge.

“We see this website as something every college student should be excited to look at. On one level, it’s a place to inspire, but on another, it’s a place to pursue passions that people may not have had the opportunity to pursue.”  If you ever visit Tyro’s home page, you’ll see articles ranging from NCAA football to the business ventures of Starbucks Coffee (or my personal favorite: Dates Are Not Dead…yeah, that’s right).

The beauty of Tyro Times is their approach to the content of their website.  In this day and age, we’re all guilty of mindless Facebook stalking and checking our newsfeed for more hours than we sleep.  Tyro Times wants to serve as an alternative form of procrastination.  With such diverse content, there’s something for everyone to be interested in.  “It’s a place for you to learn, even if you don’t come to learn.

In the future, Tyro Times hopes to expand big time.  Right now, those writing for Tyro are largely based in Boston.  However, the founders of Tyro hope to get writers from all over the country, even the world.  “We want people to write for us.”   With more writers from more places, the hope is to increase their fan base.

P.S. Keep an eye out for FREE Ellie Goulding tickets in the next few weeks!  Yep, Tyro Times also does cool stuff like giving away tickets to concerts and sporting events.

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