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How To Wear Skulls Fashionably

Posted Feb 12 2013 - 12:00am
Tagged With: BC Fashion, BC Trends, skulls

I have liked skulls for a while.  Not in a creepy, serial killer, or necrophiliac way; but in a cool, that-is-so-awesome way.  With interests in history, archaeology, and forensic anthropology, I have found ways to incorporate my eccentric love into my outfits.  While some have found it odd and others have found it cool, I love finding different pieces with skulls and incorporating them into my wardrobe.  (I got skull high tops that I designed for Christmas!)

This is why when I found out that skulls were in fashion for 2013, my ego got a little boost.  Not only could I find skull pieces more easily, but I also was ahead of the fashion curve. Yay!

Skulls are not just for Halloween and science labs anymore.  Also, pirates or Goths don’t have a monopoly over them either. 

However, a lot of people are either scared or unsure of how to include skulls into their wardrobe.  Never fear!  It’s not that hard; and the cool thing is, that you can dress preppy, punk, or sporty and still wear skulls.  The trick is to balance your outfit and to have fun.  Don’t be scared of the skulls!   

Here are some ways that you can incorporate them into your outfit:


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