Drum Major and Eagle EMT Matt Hutchinson

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Name: Matt Hutchinson

Year: 2013

Hometown: Bay Shore, New York

Major: Chemistry

We’ve all seen him leading the BC Marching Band throughout each and every football game. You might have even seen him working with Eagle EMS during big events on campus. He’s even been spotted dancing with BC’s very own Dance Organization. Who is this familiar face on campus? Matt Hutchinson of course!

How did you get involved with the BC marching band?

After being recruited [read: borderline harassed] by an upperclassmen the summer before my freshman year, I decided I would continue my musical ability in college and become a member of the BCMB. As it turned out, those persistent efforts were not made in vain. The rest is history.

So I heard you have bad rhythm… How can that be true?

As my roommates and friends will tell you, I spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting my rhythm, by conducting the tempo and meter changes in all kinds of popular music. Clearly a myth.

Favorite band memory?

Well, there was this one time at band camp….

Favorite song the band plays?

“Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond… a classic staple of Game Day.

When did you first get involved with EMS?

As an EMT in my home state of New York, I’ve been involved in EMS since I was in high school. I joined Eagle EMS early in my freshmen year, and have been a member ever since. I’ve made some great friends and have watched it grow to the organization it is today.

What is the best part about being an EMT?

Knowing that you can help others at a moment in which they aren’t able to help themselves is the part of being an EMT that resonates with me greatest. The training and volunteerism that I give pales in comparison to the comfort that exists from knowing that there are other people willing to help me in my time of need.

What do you enjoy doing in what little free time you must have?

I enjoy running and listening to music. It’s an easy way to clear my mind.

Is there anything you can’t do?

Well I would not trust myself with performing neurosurgery… yet.

What is your most embarrassing BC moment?

In a rush to head to the Plex, I started running down the million dollar stairs. Since it was in between class time there were tons of people that I tried to run around… until I missed a step and fell on my back. FAIL.

How was your experience with Dancing with the Scholars? Learn any new dance moves?

It was an experience that put me way out of my comfort zone, but was a ton of fun! With the help of Beyoncé and my dance partner Jenni, I now know how to “shake it”… like a Polaroid picture.

Can you teach HC BC how to dougie?

Circa my sophomore year at BC I would have been able to dougie for you, but that talent has since gone away.

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