Celebrity Look-Alikes at Boston College

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Barring the fact that everyone starts to look the same to me when I’m really tired, I’m usually pretty awesome at calling people out on their celebrity look-alikes.  Certainly not a very useful talent, but it pairs well with the buzz on campus this year.  We’ve all heard it— there’s an Edward Cullen walking around.  After a lengthy bout of creeping, I finally tracked down Ed, along with a few other campus celebs.  Here are the results of my pseudo-paparazzi detective work:

Better Than Bobby V

Meet Horatio Andrean— you probably know him as “Joey” on BC’s Sexual Chocolate step team. Joey’s a junior from Chestnut Ridge, NY and bears a pretty striking resemblance to some celebs…like Bobby V. According to Joey, the first time he was ever compared to the R&B star was by a group of senior girls at a party during his freshman year, and the name’s been thrown around ever since. Still, Joey reminds us, “Let’s just get it straight that I am far more attractive than Bobby Valentino. Just saying.” Hey, a bunch of senior girls comparing a freshman guy to a celeb? Something must’ve been working for ya, Joey.



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