5 Easy Ways to: Make Friends Anytime

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Although those awkward beginning of the year icebreakers have passed, that doesn’t mean you’re out of time to make some new friends.  Here are some ways you can get to know new people at any time during the year!

1. Small Talk in an Elevator

Let’s be honest: no one really loves those uncomfortable few seconds in an elevator.  Weird how you suddenly got so many important text messages that you have to read to right away!  (Note: certain elevators *cough Walsh’s cough* don’t even get service, so you’re not fooling anyone.)  Why not be a little extra friendly?  No harm in offering up a smile and commenting on the weather.  This one is particularly useful if you’re in an elevator in your dorm or apartment building, because you will probably run into this person again.

2. Give Someone a Compliment

Everyone loves getting compliments.  Really, though, it’s a fact.  Like the sweater that the girl sitting next to you in class is wearing?  Definitely let her know!  This is a super easy conversation starter, and the person will be more likely to talk to you again later on.  Plus, paying other people compliments makes you feel better about yourself.  Added bonus!

3. Ask Someone to Study with You

With finals right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make some new study buddies!  Asking someone to compare notes or review for a big exam is a great way to get to know him or her better.  Not to mention, study breaks are a definite must, so you can have time to just chat.  So, not only will you be getting smarter, you’ll also be making friends along the way!

4. Invite a Classmate to Lunch

This is particularly useful in those classes right around lunchtime.  Start up a casual conversation as you are walking out of class, and then mention that you’ll be grabbing lunch if (insert friend-to-be’s name here) wants to join.  Lunch is a perfect time, too, because it is long enough to get to know someone, but it isn’t a marathon.  Plus who doesn’t love bonding over a Honey-Q?

5. Reach Out to People in Clubs You’re Involved With

If you are in the same club or organization on campus, there is definitely a lot of potential for friendship.  You are both obviously passionate about the club, so there will be plenty to talk about!


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