Netflix Has Stepped Up Its Game

It’s hard to think of what life was like before Netflix. You would either have to DVR your favorite shows or tune in at exactly 8 pm every Tuesday night to watch Gossip Girl or you would miss out. Not to mention, it was an agonizing experience waiting for the next week to see what would happen to Serena and Blair's friendship.

But now, Netflix has changed the game. You can watch full seasons of tv shows and Netflix Original Series’ episodes are all released on the same day. Thus, creating binge-watching habits. I definitely binge-watch most shows. I can’t just watch one episode of American Vandal, I have to at least watch two to feel satisfied.

These Netflix Original Series keep on getting better and better every year. From Orange is the Black to Stranger Things, Netflix has kept its subscribers renewing their plans over and over again. This year alone, the content on Netflix has gotten better.

These are the shows you should start watching now:

American Vandal (Season 1)

Mindhunter (Season 1)

Stranger Things (Season 1 & 2)

Master of None (Seasons 1 & 2)

Friends from College (Season 1)

Atypical (Season 1)

Dear White People (Season 1)

Chelsea Does… (Season 1)

Elizah Laurenceau is a junior at Bates College. Her hobbies consist of binge watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, cooking and trying new foods, and playing with her dog. She spends her days either glued on her computer or late nights finishing up work.

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