Staying Strong: Making It Through to the Last Day of Classes

You're back on campus after a Thanksgiving spent either in the library, with family, or with friends, and are feeling crumpled by the mountains of work your professors are piling on you last minute. The countdown to the final day of class has begun! How can you stand tall amidst the papers, exams (yes, "midterms" are still happening) and the fact that you might not have received a single grade back in any of your classes (this one is specifically me)? I have some tips on how to get out of bed faster and remember that classes will end and it will be okay.

1- If you're not an early bird, enlist your friends.

Have them call you to wake you up. Text you to make sure you're out of bed. Or if they're your roommate or suitemate, leave your door open so they can shake your leg a little bit (with permission to be as extra as necessary so you make it to your 10:10).

2- Drink coffee, in moderation.

Sure, now you're out of bed, have some coffee! But watch your daily number of cups and how much sugar is in each drink. Reminder that Starbucks hot mochas carry their own scary amount of sugar in addition to caffeine. 

3- Get up and stretch.

Over hours spent studying, your blood settles, and with it, your energy. Set a timer on your phone and stand up for a bit every so often. Remember to give your eyes a rest from screen time as well!

4- Write in that planner!

Remember the one you bought in September? If you haven't used it, now is the time. Write down all the upcoming dates and assignments, and important assignments to review for upcoming finals. If it's all on paper or in your google cal, you won't forget about it.

5- Nourish your body.

It's easy to make the decision to skip lunch to finish that last minute problem set, but don't do it! Odds are at this point in the semester you either have no points or swipes, or have way too many. Ask your friends to swipe you in or stock up on fruit and snack with points for study time later.


I hope these tips help you get through the next ~ two weeks of classes. Good luck!

Sydney is in love with New York City, dogspotting, and chorizo tacos. She's an aspiring novelist, a Barnard feminist, and might deny she was born in New Jersey.

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