My Freshman Year Fall Schedule in GIFs

Introduction to Financial Accounting

At the time, I thought choosing a 3 hour math class over an 8 AM that met two times a week, was a fantastic idea. In reality, the timing is horrible and I have promised myself to never do this ever again. I don’t find Accounting that difficult, since it’s more concepts than actual math. But, somehow I still managed to bomb my midterm, and a couple of quizzes. There’s also the fact that I knew exactly what was happening two classes ago and now it’s like, what is accounting?

Seriously considering taking a W (and not the winning type).


AHS Justice and Inequality

I actually enjoy this class, it’s 90 minutes of discussion about deep and interesting issues. But the reading. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Professor, and how he structures the class, but he assigns anywhere from 40-90 pages every class. They are so content heavy that you have to re-read each page three times, because you have no idea what’s going on.

Sometimes it feels like so much that I nap and leave it for the day of class, and then I don’t do that day’s reading. I make a promise to myself to catch up, but don't end up doing it and fall behind even more. It’s a horrible cycle.

And the essays. We have three 6 page papers (more like 8-10 pgs.) that are worth a collective 48% of our grade. Currently on #2 and dying.


Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME)

Oh FME. A right of passage here at Babson, and a nightmare for the masses. It’s basically a year long group project where you realize just how complicated it is to schedule a meeting with six different schedules. Don’t get me wrong, my group is great, but having a class where you start a business may seem cool in theory, but actually doing it is a whole other story. The only way I can describe FME is trying to be a good team member and actively contributing, but also getting a good grade without taking on a huge amount of responsibility.


Business Law

BLAW is relatively challenging, but I actually have it together and know what’s going on. My professor is great and I love that fact that I’ve learned so much in just two months.


First Year Seminar

I love FYS. Compared to all my other classes, this is the one time a week where I can kind of slack off. It’s just a class where we talk about college policies and extremely important issues such as gender based violence.

Book lover. Netflix addict. Lifelong eater. Feminist. Kaina is a Freshman at Babson College and the founder of Her Campus Babson. She is a Business major hoping to concentrate in Marketing and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Sarcasm. Superpowers include being able to read and listen to great indie music at the same time.

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