Holiday Gift Guide: College Women Edition

Wondering what to get your picky college gal for Christmas? Here’s a few ideas that are sure to impress.



Clothes can be hit or miss, and sizing is always an issue. Giving accessories is the perfect way to add some flare to a wardrobe without all the hassle. Some popular brands among the college

scene are Kendra Scott, Raw & Rebellious or Pandora. There’s always David Yurman if you’re feeling especially generous! Pictured is the Pandora Sparkling Love Knot Pendant for $60.00.


Collegiate Memorabilia

Reppin’ your school never goes out of style. I’m always reaching for a travel coffee mug, beanie, scarf or blanket during the winter. Having those in my school colors or with the logo on it is always a plus. Amazon is great place to find anything like this. Your student will love it! Pictured is an Auburn scarf from Amazon for $24.99.


Gift Cards

Whether it’s Dominos or a pre-paid Visa card, this gift is one that you can’t go wrong with! It’s a known fact in college: You’re always hungry, and consequently, always broke. Help save a college student today! Pictured is a Dominos gift card for all the hungry college students.



Sadly, my backpack serves as a purse more often than not. It’s not glamorous, but it’s the truth. However, when I’m not lugging it around, I’m always reaching for a tote bag. When I don’t need much, I take a small cross-body. Totes are great because they can double as an overnight bag and carry-on bags. Some of my favorite totes are from Target or Fossil. You can find a cross-body anywhere, but some of the most fashionable can be found at Rebecca Minkoff or Tory Burch. Pictured is the Sofia Clutch from Rebecca Minkoff, originally $245.00 and on sale for $86.00.



Chances are, your college sweetie has been through a quarter-life crisis whilst away from home. I know I have. One day you feel like a baby, and the next morning you put on your makeup and see the inevitable: A smile line, a dark circle or a break out. *shudder* If you’re not sure what to get, start with a basic cleanser. That way, they don’t have an excuse not to take off their makeup from the night before. My favorite is Purity by Philosophy, pictured, which is $11.00 from their website. Want to pick a few things from a range? Check out Mario Badescu or Murad.


Any one or any combination of these gifts is sure to put a smile on her face come Christmas morning! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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