Why Your Fairytale Ending Can Wait

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                               Once upon a time, there was... you!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of our single ladies are only excited about half-priced candy on February 15th. Who wouldn't be?

Here are 5 reasons why being single in college is something to embrace: Especially during the 'Season of Love'


By putting your fairytale ending on hold, you...

1. Can Embrace Your individuality: Who needs romance when you are already the queen of your own life? Grab a good book, meet one of the girls for coffee and brunch, climb a mountain, go skydiving--just do more of what makes you happy! College is the best time for you to, well, be you! Learning to be alone makes you a better person, and eventually, a better partner.

2. Do More of What You Love: You deserve all the time in the world to work on becoming a better you, treat yourself to the things you love to do--and do more of them! The right one, at the right time, will come along when they're ready for the strong, happy and independent woman you've become! 

3. Focus on Fostering Other Healthy Relationships with Those Around You: Build upon them! The friendly and professional relationships you invest in will only make for a better future. You will earn all the company you need when you put yourself first, and it is only fair for you and your future lover that you tend to important friendly and professional relationships before taking on a romantic one.

4. Are Reminded That You Don't Need Anyone to Define Your Worth—and you never will: Did you forget how special you are? Hard work pays off in the long run, and it is that kind of mindset that attracts the right people into our lives. The right ones will stay, so trust your gut and learn to let go of whoever tries to make you think otherwise! You deserve nothing less, and the ones who are worth it will understand that.

5. Have The Clarity to Focus on the Positives in Other Areas of Your Life (ones that don't pertain to romantic relationships): Maybe you got a new puppy, just got a new job or had a really fantastic milkshake from In n’ Out. Whichever the case, there are so many beautiful things to be happy about in life! You can practice breaking bad habits, fostering a positive mindset to carry with you into the future, and any other things that may suit your fancy. Whichever goals you may have set, you have that much more time to work on them without any distractions. 


Now, for many of you who are reading this, these may be things you already know. But sometimes, we all need a little refresher; a kick in the butt to remind us of how empowering it can be to be single in college. If there is anything that college has taught me, it is to give yourself the time and appreciate yourself for everything single thing that you are and all that you have the potential to be. Now is your time to put yourself first, love yourself first, and never forget your immeasurable worth!

“There there, your fairy godmother is here... Here to tell you that you have everything you need right inside of you. Now, go get dressed, we’re going for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                tacos.


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