Styling your dorm or college-sized apartment for the holidays

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So it’s already December. How we got from the first day of school to now in the blink of an eye is utterly insane. Nevertheless, we’re here. And that can only mean one thing (besides finals): it’s time to decorate!

Let’s be honest. Living in a dorm or even a small apartment away from your family can be intimidating, especially as a freshman or sophomore. This newfound independence, and dare I say loneliness, is only made worse when the holidays hit.

The holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family, and living at school can create a sense of unwelcome separation. To fight this, it’s imperative that you keep your humble abode nicely decorated and cozy. Walking into your dorm or apartment should be met with feelings of warm, fuzzy holiday nostalgia and happy thoughts of the family. What it should not be is a lame old room that feels claustrophobic and stuffy like every other day of the year.

To liven up your space and get you in the holiday spirit, consider these fun holiday decorating tips:

  1. Convert Your Fridge Into a Snowman: Take that mini fridge and spruce it up! Cut out a nose, buttons and a top hat. Bam! It’s a snowman. Check it out: Shabby Chic Blog

  2. Make a Fireplace with Boxes: If you’ve got the space, this is a must. Glue some boxes together, paint ‘em like a fireplace and hang some stockings. Who needs a home renovation team when you can make fake fireplaces? Check it out: Your Modern Family

  3. Purchase a Tree because You Know You Need It: There’s no way around it. A tree is what really sets the mood for the holidays. Go simple with an artificial one because real trees aren’t allowed in most dorms. Plus, it's hard to find where trees are grown and sold when you're in college; don’t be the person with the Christmas tree still standing in March. Even if it’s just a small 4-foot tree, it will drastically increase the coziness of your space.  Check it out: Dash of Daisy Blog

  4. Wrap your Door with Holiday Decorations: You’ve probably seen it. Wrap your door with wrapping paper, add a bow in the center, and make it look like a giant present!  Or you can get more creative with it, and make your door look like a holiday elf. Check it out: HerCampus

  5. Convert your Starbucks Red Cup: Just admit it. You’re obsessed with the holiday red cups. You love shopping local and want to support the small businesses, but those red cups are just so dang irresistible! (Don’t worry, we totally feel the same.) Here’s what you do: save the cup, clean it out (or just ask for an extra), and then cut a slice into the lid with scissors. Put a small roll of toilet paper in, and pull the end through the lid. Now you have a small, holiday-themed tissue dispenser! Check it out: Curbly

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