Mid- semester blues


A snapshot into my daily schedule:

9.15am:  Dance workout

11.00am : Take a shower

12am-6pm: Go to classes, attend club meetings

6pm: Reconnect with friends

8pm: Sleep

2am: Complete assignments, respond to emails

7am: Sleep

9am: Wake up

………..and the same cycle begins all over again






Ever felt like your favorite frozen yogurt had suddenly lost its flavor? Ever felt like you were stuck in a rut? Ever felt like you were just existing but not really living? Ever had the Robocop kinda feeling where you felt like every part of your life was scheduled? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then this article is NOT for you. In other words, this article is for the majority of us who still have to struggle with navigating our way through the Mid-semester blues.



Just when I thought I had finally developed a perfect method of maneuvering around all my academic and social responsibilities, the mid-semester blues definitely caught me off-guard.


Stages of Mid-semester blues


Stage 1


In this phase,  school is your number one priority; you feel guilty for watching Netflix for just two hours when you could have been working on your Biology prelab.


Stage 2

You know stage two has started to sink in when your face looks like this every single day. PS, this is the best time to start taking action.


Stage 3

This is the worst stage of all and I sincerely hope that no one will spend too much time in this phase. You know that the critical phase of mid-semester blues has caught up with you when you can justify missing class without feeling guilty.  



Despite whichever phase you are currently experiencing right, there is always light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel. Our HerCampus team has come up with 5 effective solutions that do work.



1.Take a step back and relax (tried and tested)

I spent the last week constantly whining about how the semester was draining me out. That was until one of my friends acted as my knight in shining armor.  His advice seemed too simple, yet it indeed worked. “Get a day off, you could do with a special “me time” session. And so I did……..


That day did wonders to my inner being and it completely rejuvenated my spirit. I came back to “life” with an inner glow radiating from every part of me.


2. Change your entire routine


As they say, “Doing the same thing over and over again results in no fulfillment.” How about bending the rules a little, and choosing to do your daily workout at different times each day, instead of 9am every single day. By doing so you are setting yourself up for more creativity, new experiences, and increased productivity


3. Clean your room and re-decorate it


I don't know if this applies solely to me,  but my room only looks beautiful over the weekends and during weekdays it's a total mess. Sometimes (well, almost every day) I sleep with books by my side so I can just sit up straight in my bed and start working on my assignments at whatever time I wake up. However, cleaning your room can be a  cleansing activity for your inner self. Move around your furniture and redecorate. Fill your walls with sticky notes that containing motivational messages from friends and family.


4. Reward yourself

Every time you mark off a certain number of things on your to-do list, reward yourself. Get yourself a pair of those expensive  Jessica Simpson pink heels or treat yourself to Domino's, everybody needs that once in awhile.


5. Have a support system

Never turn down an opportunity to hang out with your closest friends; you need them as much as they need you.


After all, has been said and done, Mid-semester blues do not disappear overnight. However, you have total control of how you choose to deal with them. Through it all, the HerCampus team at ASU chooses to remain cheerful and optimistic.



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