A Collegiette's Guide to a Summer Road Trip

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ASU is officially out for the year! Instead of studying for finals, chances are you're probably daydreaming of your big summer trip with friends. You need a post-semester celebration, summer school doesn't start yet - it's a college student's dream. The last thing you need is a set-back to put a damper on your trip. Unfortunately, speed bumps come along, so keep these tips in mind to make sure nothing stands in your way between you and your much-needed getaway. 

1. Keep track of your belongings.


No one likes to get home from a trip and realize that you're missing a bag. It happens to the best of us! It's easy to lose track of your bags, especially if you're road trip has many destinations along the way. It can be a real let down to find out that your favorite sweater and your best pajamas will never be seen again - but it doesn't have to be. If you plan ahead and get a luggage tag for all of your bags, there's a chance someone might find it and return it to you! Luggage tags aren't just for plane rides, and keeping one attached to every bag can be a real life saver. 

This cute one from Spot won't blend in so it'll be easy for people to locate and contact you from. Spot actually saves your road trip in more ways than one. It's an app that allows you to connect with other college students across the country. These students are offering their space at a way lower rate than hotels, plus you'll meet some friends along the way!

2. Respect the driver.

When on a road trip, there are a few unsaid rules. The person in the shotgun seat is in charge of navigating, there needs to be a designated DJ, (but not one who will hog the aux cord) and so on. Probably the biggest rule is to respect the driver. Overall, it means don’t make a mess. We get it, a girl needs her coffee when waking up early on a big trip, but by using this CamelPak Forge Travel Muh, you get rid of the need for paper coffee cups. Not only does it prevent the driver from having to clean a bunch of empty cups out of the car, they won’t have to worry about spills either. The leak-proof cap allows you to just toss it in your bag – no mess!

3. Expect the Unexpected.

One of the greatest challenges known to women - the unexpected period. For decades, women have had to discreetly run to the restrooms with their purses, which can be a difficult thing to hide when you're sharing a hotel room with all of your best guy friends. To save you the trouble, Monthly Gift, a subscription-based service, provides women with a discreet black box. The best part? The tampons are wrapped in a container that makes little to no noise. You won't forget to pack tampons, pads or liners because Monthly Gift delivers the black box to your door just before your period strikes. This is a must-have for women on a road trip!

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