Secret Santa Presents this Christmas Part II

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Another 5 pretty Secret Santa gifts to make your Secret Child feel Special

6. Winter Care:

Christmas comes with joy and winter! Taking care of oneself from this dry weather is another issue of concern. Tarana was gifted a shawl from her Santa to make sure she would have a cold free and happy winter!

7. Make up accessories and a sachet of Tea!

Make up accessories always make girls happy! Tarini received eyeliner from her Santa and a sachet of tea for a warm and comforting winter!

8. Room Décor and a lollipop!

Christmas is never complete without decorating houses with candles, fairy lights, balloons, etc. Preetha received scented candles and fairy lights from her Santa, so that she can decorate her room and feel the vibes of the festive season!


9. Chocolates and a face mask!

While Santa gives us gifts and makes us happy, winter haunts us with the dry skin and cold weather. To take care of her skin and protect it from the harsh weather, Saranya got a face mask and chocolates to eat while she applies it.

10.  Origami planes and flowers!

Selahdin wants to go into aviation. So his Secret Santa gave him a string of origami planes to motivate him and a flower with lots of good wishes for his endeavor!

This is how students celebrate Christmas on campus, with the help of gifts by their Santas. The gifts need not to be very expensive, they should spread joy and cheerfulness amongst everyone! Did you give any of these to your child or get any from your Secret Santa? Or did you not sign up for it? If you did not sign up this semester, please make sure you do it next time and make someone feel special! Merry Christmas!

All images are the courtesy of Viraj Malani and Ishita Sehgal

Edited by Vasudha Malani


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