Secret Santa Presents this Christmas: Part I

December is a month full of joy, cheerfulness, surprises, food, winter, gifts and Christmas! It brings the vibes of enjoyment, holidays and fun. One of the most awaited parts of December is Christmas! Christmas is the time of year when everyone wants to celebrate the festive season by partying, eating food, vacationing, decorating houses, and giving and receiving gifts. Santa and gifts are the most desired elements of Christmas. Ashoka University’s students celebrate Christmas and the joy of giving and receiving gifts through ‘Secret Santa’. Secret Santa is a tradition where everyone is assigned a child to whom they give gifts. The motive is to make the person feel happy and good and spread joy in this festive season!

We interviewed a few people and asked them about the gifts given and received by them on the occasion of Christmas:

1. Jewellery and a note

Fashion accessories will never upset a girl! Nayanika Guha, a second-year student, received a necklace from her Secret Santa. It is a chain with a cute pendant on it. Nayanika’s Santa also wrote her a note wishing her Merry Christmas!


2. Food

Hostel life is incomplete without Maggi and chips. What else do you need when you get them for free? Sanjna Mishra received a box filled with food to eat during finals. The box had Maggi, Wai-wai, Biscuits, Chocolates, and Snacks. When you don’t feel like going out to have food because of the cold weather, this gift will definitely help you survive without going to the mess!

3. Stationary and a note

There are many students on campus who love to collect stationery and decorate their shelves and tables with it. Stationery is the most desired gift after food. Payal Nagpal was gifted with colorful pens, sheets, stickers to add to her stationery box and a written message wishing her a Merry Christmas!

4. Academic Planner

Time management is one of the most coveted things at Ashoka. Shivangi Singh received a 2018 planner from her Santa to make things easier and manageable for her! It was also accompanied by a pair of earrings!

5. Accessories and chocolates

Be it a boy or a girl, everyone loves to become attractive by using accessories with dresses. Ojas received a sling bag, a smiley ball, her favourite chocolate and a note from her Santa.

You can use some of the gift ideas mentioned above to make your child happy. Merry Christmas!


Edited by Vasudha Malani

All images are the courtesy of Viraj Malani

I am someone who doesn't quit easily till I perfect the intricacies involved in the classical dance form of Kathak! Introverted yet observant and analytical, I love to absorb whatever goes on in the world around me and weave lucid tales out of it. 

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