James Mills and “Evil Fudd”

Name: James Mills
Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
James has spent the past six years writing, performing, and recording his own music. Having put his band together in the 9th grade, Evil Fudd had spend most of their early days playing in coffee shops. This next year they are planning to finish recording and release their second album.
HC: Introduce us to your band.
James: I am the lead guitarist and vocals, Ryan Philips (sophomore) plays bass and sings backing vocals, and Patrick White (sophomore) is our drummer.
HC: What is ILLMUSIC Recording?
James: When the band and I started recording there really weren’t any affordable studios, my junior year of high school I opened up this recording studio and offered inexpensive recording services. Over time we’ve been able to build on to the studio.
HC: Would this be a potential career in the future?
James: I feel like if I were to make my passion my career I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. I’d rather spend time recording other bands and helping them along the way while I keep playing for pure enjoyment.
HC: Do you come from a musical family?
James: When I was growing up my dad had a funk band called “JIVE” I would go to all his shows. Once he brought me up on stage to sing “Basket Case” by Green Day and since then I’ve loved the stage.
HC: What can we look forward to with this next album?
James: We’re steering away from our “pop” sound we had in our first album and are more so creating music with an experimental sound while still sticking to pop/rock.
The music of “Evil Fudd” and their first released album can be found on iTunes. Follow them on Facebook to find out where and when their upcoming shows will be. They are one band you’ll want to keep an ear for. 

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