Ways to Feel Productive in 30 Minutes or Less!

You know those moments during your week where you have an awkward period of time between two obligations? Thirty minutes never seems long enough to get a paper done, study for a test, or do any of those other crucial weekly tasks that are forever ingrained into your planner. This week, don’t use that time to read through every single one of your new follower’s tweets, or stalk the cute guy in your lit class for the fifteenth time, but try out a few things on this list and feel more productive by the second. The more successful you feel during the week, even if it is over something like putting new sheets on your bed, the more you will actually accomplish before the long-awaited weekend…

  • Make breakfast instead of eating a granola bar (or nothing). Fried egg with cheese on a toasted English muffin takes way less time than you’d expect. And it’s tastier and more filling than those Nature Valley bars that explode into crumbs when you try to take a bite.
  • Vacuum your room. And don’t forget to use the little wand to vacuum your bathroom floor too!
  • Go through your fridge and throw away all of the old/expired stuff. If you second guess it, then it’s probably old.
  • Floss. And tweeze.
  • Waterproof your rain jacket. If it doesn’t need it now, it will soon. Also, if you buy the spray, it won’t hurt to give flats or boots a coat as well, especially if they are suede. Just don’t subject them to the sidewalks once campus becomes covered in salt!
  • Come to terms with the inescapable convenience charges and finally take all of your change to Coinstar. Then buy your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor since you have to go to a register to cash your receipt anyway (you can’t go wrong with Brownie Batter).
  • Paint your nails/toenails. Recommended: Sinful Colors Professional in “Ruby Ruby.” Seriously, the perfect red and no touch-ups needed.
  • Make your bed. Something as simple as pulling up the covers and straightening pillows can make you feel productive before you even leave home in the morning.
  • Return the Redbox that’s been sitting on top of your DVD player for a few days. Sure, it’s only $3, but you could get a salted caramel latte for that much.
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair. Recommended: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask.
  • Start something for class that’s due next Monday so you have one less thing to do Sunday night.