Tips and Tricks To Get You Through Finals

It's that time again in the semester that we all dread oh so badly. Maybe you've waited until the last minute to complete everything, your professors are piling the assignments on you, or you're simply just not a good test-taker, we all have some aspect of finals that we do not look forward to. There really isn't an absolute way to prepare for finals, however, there are tips and tricks to help you survive them as impossible as that may seem right about now. 

The first thing that you should really do is BREATHE, it is not worth your anxiety or stress that you get so overwhelmed you forget to take a deep breath and relax. 

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Set a schedule for yourself which may include a sleep schedule, a study schedule, as well as a schedule for your breaks or free time. 

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Speaking of sleep, GET SOME REST! I know many students pull all-nighters during this time but it is so important to get some sleep in order for you to function and perform your very best.

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Treat yourself during finals whether that's a Netflix show per study break, a pint of ice cream, or that cute shirt you've been eyeing at TJ Maxx for the past week. 

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Use your professors or classmates/study groups as resources. If you are confused or do not understand what's going to be on your final, ASK!

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Change up where you study, if you can't focus in the library go to a coffee shop or even a quiet place on the parkway.

Be sure that you don't skip meals and pick food that will give you energy.

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Make use of notecards, color-coding, or simply organizing your information.

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Stay motivated, avoid negativity, and tell yourself that you will get that "A" or do the very best you possibly can on that final. 

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Lastly, remember, Christmas Break is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

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