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Have you ever had to do a double take to make sure someone was REALLY wearing that outfit? Well, let’s me just say that I’ve had to do that a lot recently because of the club-like outfits that seem to be gracing ASU’s campus. But don’t fret, ladies! Here are some fail proof tips that will help you with that crucial deciding factor when you’re getting ready in the morning.
1.     Leave it up to the imagination
Didn’t your grandmother, or mother for that matter, ever teach you that “he won’t buy the cow, if he gets the milk for free”? So for those girls that feel like they need to show off their bodies to get a guy’s attention, stop it. Stop it right now.  You do NOT have to wear the shortest shorts/skirts, the tightest jeans, or that skimpy low-cut shirt to get a guy’s attention. Believe me, they’ll be checking out that awesome body of yours despite what you’re wearing. And if you dress more conservatively, he won’t assume that he’ll be getting your milk for free and he’ll look at you as girlfriend material, rather than a one-night stand.

2. The weather can be very unpredictable
We live in Boone. Get that straight. This isn’t Southern California where it’s sunny 95% of the year. It can be sunny for 10 minutes and pouring for the rest of the day, so that means you have to make sure you wear something versatile. It doesn’t make sense for girls to wear sundresses or shorts when they know it’s going to be in the 40s. You’ll get the annoying questions like “aren’t you cold?” so don’t try to put on the brave face and say no when we really know you’re freezing your butt off. You can still look cute in a sweater and pants, we promise!

3.     Comfort is key
I am all about being comfortable. When I’m going to be spending all day on campus, I don’t want to damper my mood by wearing something that makes me feel uncomfortable. But, there is a fine line between comfort and laziness. For example, sweatpants and pajama bottoms are two COMPLETELY different things. When you roll in wearing turtle printed fleece pants, we can tell you just rolled out of bed. And if your peers can tell, your professors sure can tell. So if you want to be taken seriously, try to put at least some effort into what you look like.

This leads me to the next point:
4.     Those X’s on your hand mean probable 0’s in life (and that’s a zero, not an O.)
So you went out last night, big whoop. This is college. But let’s get real… if you show up to class, or heaven forbid, work, with the X’s on your hand from going out to the bars last night, there is no chance that people are going to take you seriously. Try to at least wash it off as much as you can, so it’s not THAT obvious. If professors, or employers, can see that you’re not taking them seriously by coming to class with X’s on your hand, glitter still in your hair, and caked-on make up, your future could fizzle and burn like that one-night stand that almost/maybe happened last night. 
Don’t forget to keep it classy, App State!


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