The Guide to Free [and Legal] Music Downloads

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What if I told you that I knew how you could get free, yes FREE music on the Internet and it still is 100% legal? No, this isn’t some kind of ridiculous scam, it’s the truth and boy am I going to open some doors for you! The Internet has become a great place to network and for musicians, a great place to showcase and share their music. These sites are great tools to support musicians of all kinds and still enjoy discovering new music to download along the way.

– Noisetrade is a great tool for listeners and musicians to connect and to discover new artists. As they say on their website, “Fans get free music. Artists connect with new fans. Everybody wins.” There are thousands, and when I say thousands that is not an exaggeration, of free albums/EPs/singles from artists upcoming to well-known that offer listeners a chance for free downloads. It’s simple too! All you do is have a listen, enter your email address, have an option to “tip” the musician, and then the link for the download goes straight to your inbox. From experience, I can’t tell you how many new artists I’ve discovered using Noisetrade. If you sign up for their email list and follow them via Twitteror Facebook, they will keep you updated on the newest music.

– Bandcamp is a win all for artists who want a reliable, free way to stream/share their music and for the listeners/fans who want to support them. Not all the music on Bandcamp is free, that is entirely up to the artist, however, it is one of the easiest ways to stream and share music. The prices on Bandcamp are always extremely reasonably priced. The artist has an option to have their music free, charge at a set price, or let their fans “name their own price”. Music just got 10x more awesome. The site also has a clean, nice look. No annoying pop-ups or advertisements, just music.– I just recently discovered (took me long enough), but if you’re all about staying up-to-date with artists you love, free downloads, discovering new artists (thanks to their recommendation section), and having your music organized, go get an account with Just by typing in your favorite artists, they do all the work for you! On your profile page gives you recommendations for new albums that have been released, artists you should check out, events/tours, and free downloads all based on what your favorite artists are. You can even connect with others on and see what everyone is listening to and digging.


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