Finding Kate Middleton’s Look in 4 Thrifty Steps

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 Have you ever had those mornings where even after rummaging through your closet you can't find a single thing to wear? On days like these, it would be so nice to just drop everything, skip school, and spend thousands of dollars buying every designer good you can get your hands on. What a wonderful day that would be, huh?
Unfortunately, not all of us can dress like royalty everyday without breaking the piggy bank. Lucky for all of the fashionistas out there, I have found a simple and inexpensive way to find your favorite looks for a fraction of the cost. Drum roll please…


Yes, underneath those piles of Christmas themed sweaters, mommy jeans, and bulky shoes from the 80s, any girl can find the perfect piece to complete her outfit. To test my proposition, I decided to venture into the streets of Boone with my Kate Middleton inspiration in hand.

As always, our favorite princess looks refined, poised, and classy. Now the true test: could our little mountain town be hiding this gorgeous ensemble?

The first store I went into was Ram’s Rack thrift store. As I looked around, I felt overwhelmed seeing rack after rack of clothing, and was unsure of where to begin. This leads me to the first step...

Step 1: Patience is a virtue, use it!
The key to effective “thrifting” is coming to terms with the fact that you will not find your entire outfit in a single store. This sort of shopping is not for the weak hearted; you will have to go to countless stores, dig through heaps of clothing, and perhaps even haggle with the cashier for a discount, but it is all worth it in the end! Don’t think of it as a tiring process. It is the thrill of the hunt!

Step 2: Just because it’s not your size doesn’t mean it won’t work!
After rummaging through the clothes that would fit me, I was still empty handed. Suddenly, a thought came to me - why not look in the other sections too, like Maternity, Mens, and Childrens?

When I saw the array of pieces on the maternity racks, I knew that I could not walk out of the store without at least browsing though the clothing. As I sifted through the elastic jeans and oversized t-shirts, my eyes fell upon a stunning cream blouse with ruffles around the neck. It was about nine sizes too big for me (not exaggerating), but because it was going to be tucked under a fitted blazer, I knew it would do just fine. And the best part? It was only 2 dollars! 


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