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Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at Her Campus AppState. Aside from the excuse to wear scarves, boots, mustard yellow, drink pumpkin spice lattes, and enjoy the changing leaves before the blizzards take over Boone, we also love this season for Fall Break!
Many of us traveled to fascinating cities and others stayed right in the comfy mountain city of Boone. Take a little gander into where the Her Campus AppState team went and how we spent time off of school. I think we all can agree Fall Break just wasn’t long enough.

Laura Maddox ‘13
Her Campus Position: President / EIC of Her Campus AppState
Visited: NYC, baby!
Favorite Part:My favorite part was just being in the city. New York City is so alive and energetic! I'm a coffee addict, and NYC is full of coffee shops, so we hit up local places or Starbucks at least once a day. We also saw the play “Warhorse,” which was amazing! I recommend it to anyone who is making a visit soon! I heart NYC. 

 Photo by: Katie Strasser

Name:Katie Strasser ‘12
Her Campus Position: Staff Writer
Visited: I went home to the Raleigh area to spend time with my family and go to the NC State Fair! I also visited my brother who is a freshman at Chapel Hill and went to the UNC/Miami game with him. 
Favorite Part:Walking around the State Fair looking at giant pumpkins, terrifying rides, and eating deep fried cookie dough. Plus, we had perfect fall weather which made everything ten times better.

Jessie Reda holds a penny with the Lincoln Memorial behind during her trip to Washington D.C.

Name:Jessie Reda ‘12
Her Campus Position: Assistant Publicity Director
Visited: Washington D.C.
Favorite Part:My friends and I woke up at 6:30 on Sunday morning to get tickets to the fall garden tours at the White House. The garden tours only happen 4 times a year (twice in the fall and twice in the spring). We got to go into the South Lawn of the White House and see the rose garden, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, and vegetable garden. We were so close the White House! It was so awesome!


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