The Advice You Should Take From Your Mom

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We all love and adore our mothers, but let’s face it, sometimes after a certain amount of “Don’t forget this honey,” “Did you remember…?,” or the “Remember what I said about…” we tend to zone them out. Here’s a list of advice that we should always take from our mothers because it’s true when they say mother knows best. The first few are about little tips I’ve learned from my mother and the last few are core principles I’ve taken from my mother and have implemented into my own experiences.

1. Write Thank You Notes

Ever since I was younger, my mother told me the importance of writing thank you notes and I have kept that habit still today. After any birthday, holiday, or graduation, I make it a priority to individually hand write a thank you note. It doesn’t even have to be after a special occasion. Sometimes the best kind of thank you notes are the “just because” unexpected ones. In a world full of emails, Facebook wall posts, online message, and e-cards (I mean, who really uses those anyway), we forget about good ol’ snail mail. We’re so focused on efficiency, we forget about quality. No matter where technology will take us, you can’t beat the feeling of getting a thank you card in the mail.
2. Keep The Buttons From Your Tags
You know when you buy a new cardigan, jacket, or sweater and it comes with extra buttons on the tags? Well, I had to learn the hard way for this one. I can’t tell you how many jackets and cardigans I don’t wear anymore because something happened to my buttons and I didn’t keep them in a safe place, just like my mother does. Find a little zipper pouch and keep all your buttons in one place, you’ll thank your mother later.
3. Keep Receipts
As petty and annoying as receipts may be, it’s important to always keep them. Use them to keep track of your budgeting and worse case scenario, to dispute a transaction. As wonderful as our world can be, you can’t trust everyone. Just take your mothers advice and keep your receipts, it’ll help you practice organizing your finances and learn a thing or two about budgeting (I’m still working on this one.)
4. “Unless you’re playing a game, there’s no point in keeping score.”
We are all guilty of comparing our lives to everyone else’s, whether it’s our own best friends, our siblings, or even complete strangers. If you’re focused on what other people are getting in their life and what you’re not, you may miss out on the things you do have. Don’t run tallies on everyone else – it serves absolutely no purpose. You will end up never being satisfied.


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