4 things to do in Boone before the sunshine fades

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Would it be safe to assume that since we’re a month into the semester people are getting back into the swing of things? For some that means you finally purchased all your books and AppState regalia from the seemingly more expensive bookstore. For others, it means deciding on which party you should (or shouldn’t) go to on Friday nights and how you’re getting there.

But whether you are—or aren’t—an experienced App State collegiette™ just yet, these are the top 4 things to do before the sunny days in Boone are only a fading memory in the cold, snowy months ahead.
1. Get outside

This is number one for a reason. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the state, so why stay cooped up inside when you have the option of being in the fresh mountain air? When your to-do list seems longer than your end-of-term research paper, get outside for a quick boost of energy that the fluorescent lights can’t always provide you with. There are so many options of things to do: go for a run on the Greenway, catch the sunrise over the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike up to Howard’s Knob, play Frisbee or Hula Hoop on Sanford mall, or even just eat your lunch or finish up some assigned readings on Sanford mall. You’ll soak up some much-needed vitamin D and just have a better and fresher outlook on what you need to accomplish during the week.

2. Expand your culinary taste buds
We’re all on the same limited budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck eating dining hall/fast food the remainder of your college years. Try to go out to eat at one of the many restaurants that Boone has to offer once a month or so and visit some of the places you haven’t tried before. If you’re in the mood for some home-cooked Southern food, like your Granny used to make, check out Proper. Or if you want more of a varying menu, head over to Galileo’s for some great weekly specials. And don’t forget to check your mailbox for your Super Saver coupon book for some great deals at local places!

3. Get involved on campus
You’ve heard the spiel about keeping busy in college, and, well, this isn’t going to be any different. There are so many clubs and organizations here at App that are waiting for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or an upperclassmen, it’s never too late to get involved. You’ll meet new people, expand your experiences, and add some razzle-dazzle to your resume, so job-hunting in the future will be made that much easier. (Hey, we’re all for something that makes looking for a job easy, right?) Attend interest meetings, ask questions, and more importantly, don’t be shy! If you can’t find something that fits your personality, start your own club, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find others with similar interests.

4. Have some cheesy fun
A word of advice: keep some variety in your schedule. While just hanging around campus can be fun for a while, it can get boring. Make sure you grab some of your friends and head out. While this isn’t the biggest town in North Carolina, there are still some great things to do. Try the Mini-Golf course on 105 for some challenging putt-putt (it’s actually pretty difficult). Or you could even go bowling at the bowling alley near Los Arcoiris on 321, since—let’s be honest—the last time you went bowling probably was in middle school - just don’t forget the hand sanitizer! You could also hit up Tweetsie Railroad if your bank account will allow, or Foggy Mountain Gem Mine on 105 for some surprising fun that will kill an afternoon when you’re not too overwhelmed with work.
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