101 on Wine Part 1: White Wine

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The 101 on Wine Part I: White Wine

Wine, wine, wine. Honestly I never knew I would be able to understand the world that is wine appreciation, but wine can be on of life’s greatest pleasures, with just a little knowledge. A glass of wine will become more enjoyable once you know a thing or two about the art that is wine and then you get to know your wine palette just a little better. Sure, wine can be intimidating, but wasn’t your first day of school? Wine will open doors for your dining experience and mind. Step away from that Smirnoff Ice and welcome the world of wine.

Here are a handful of popular types of white wine and a guide to understanding just exactly what they are, and if it’s the type for you. I am no expert, whatsoever, but we can surely learn together.

White Wines

White wines are usually served chill and are lighter in taste than red wines making them ideal for spring and summer. They are usually consumed with lighter meals, i.e. lunch, smaller dinners, and appetizers. There are many varieties of white wine, but here are a few you are sure to run across.

- Chardonnay
Even the name itself sounds classy. This is the more popular white wine and since it’s grown in nearly all wine-producing countries, it is difficult to summarize its different flavors and aromas. Chardonnay may smell like apples, lemons, peaches, or tropical fruit and normally is taken over by oak. Most prefer the rich, buttery mouth feeling that Chardonnay can create.
- Riesling
Personally my favorite white wine, Riesling is one type of white wine that has become underappreciated. Riesling originated from Germany and can be bone dry to incredibly delightful and rich, but it is one of the sweeter wines. The more popular aromas and flavors of Riesling include floral to stone fruits (apple, pear, peach, or apricot).


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