Sam Pritzker '14

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Name: Sam Pritzker
Major: Economics and French
Hometown: Wayzata, MN
Dorm: Hitchcock
Favorite Part of the Amherst Experience: The people. Everyone here brings something interesting, and oftentimes unexpected, to the table.
If you could change one thing about Amherst it would be: Val.
Currently reading: I read The Shipping News by Annie Proulx for pleasure over break. Dostoyevsky’s The Double for class.
Currently listening to:The Black Keys and Atlas Sound.
If all classes were cancelled tomorrow, how would you spend your day? Catching up on homework. Boring, but true.
Best meal you’ve ever had: Le Bernardin in NYC.
Best concert: Wilco in 11/2007. Started an obsession with the band. Or My Morning Jacket in 6/2011.
Best trip: Italy, 8/2000. The medieval walled villages in Tuscany are so cool.
What makes someone a Lord Jeff? Passion. But really a passion for a diverse range of activities, beliefs, and areas of study. 

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