Need A Personal Trainer?

Look no further! 

Whether you desire to work on cardio, aerobics, weight training, fitness, etc. I'm your gal!

Why should you start training now?

  • The point of personal training is to make this a lifestyle, not just a one-time thing.
  • Training is a process not a quick-fix, too-good-to-be true weight loss solution that ends up bad for your health.
  • Improve on your strengths, but face your weaknesses.
  • Move at your pace, not a group's pace.
  • Learn not what you can't do but rather what you are capable of.
  • Training with me is healthy and is a natural self-confidence system.

In gym, out of gym... we can get our workout on!


Students- $15/hr with valid ID

Community Members $30/hr

Everyone is welcome!

I'm there with you from start to finish, and you always get more than you paid for; I have all positive referrals.  No regrets, just a whole lot of sweat.

Contact me at [email protected] for more info!

About The Author

20-year old lover of Yahweh (God) with a passion for life, dancing, Christian Ministry, natural beauty, modest fashion, social justice, learning and education, art, service work, travel, nature, business, and a good bargain or sale, and a preference to lead by example


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