Free Services in the Five College Area for the Humanitarian and Spiritually Curious

  1. Free Bible Studies (One-on-One or Group)

    That's right! If you are located in the Amherst, Massachusetts or Western Mass/Five College area and/or willing to travel to Amherst, Massachusetts, we offer free, personalized Bible Studies! You can give us a topic, submit a question that you have to study together, or we can prepare a topic for you. For a small group or one-on-one studies, we usually choose a coffee shop downtown to have the studies. If this interests you, just e-mail us by clicking the 'Schedule a Study' button. Please include your name, number, and topic you'd like to study or if you'd like us to come up with a topic. ​For online studies, please click here

  2. Prayer Requests and Biblical Advice

    Do you often feel alone, depressed, or unworthy of life? If you have something you would like us to pray for, a praise or testimony to share with the world, or need Biblical advice, we are here for you! Not only do we simply pray for you, but we offer free to low-cost Bible Studies, as well as support through whatever you are going through. Use the submit below to submit your request, praise/testimony, or question.

    Other services (not free) for loneliness and depression: Rent-a-Socialite , Personal Training

  3. BUT WHY?

    'But Why?' is a new segment to Born to Be Unique in Christ where instead of just telling you about random things that the Bible requires of us, why don't you tell us what you want to know? What questions do you have about religion, the Bible, Christianity, God, Jesus, world issues in relation to the Bible, etc.? Or maybe you've just always wanted to know "Why?:" Why does the Bible [insert what you think the Bible says or what people says the Bible says here]? Ask us a question that no one else seems to have the answer to, or that, better yet, no one in the Christian community seems to want to answer.
  4. Spiritual Research Association

    Born to Be Unique in Christ's Spiritual Research Association (SRA) seeks to provide answers to pending questions on our based upon religion, faith, spirituality and God.  Instead of talking at each other, we engage in open and intellectual dialogue about beliefs surrounding relevant topics, leaving the choice open-ended to what has been discussed and hashed out via a multitude of perspectives (philosophical, scientific, Biblical, etc.).  A varied of FREE resources to continue discussions outside of the association are available as well.  Inclusive of every faith, belief system, and identities so please do not hesitate to join this enriching learning experience, as well as become a member of a very diverse social support group that gives you time to actually learn, question, and doubt before you decide to commit to a belief or faith. (Open to Western Mass, Five College, and Local Community) . Click here to Join!

  5. Pen Pal

    B2BU-C is bringing back this intimate art of letter writing! Whether you are looking for a spiritual mentor,  looking for a friend, looking for someone to talk to, looking to connect with another human being or just like writing/receiving letters, sign up to our FREE pen pal service! #NeverAlone

  6. Love Thy Neigbor Award Do you know someone who is morally upstanding? Whether this person is a believer and lives out his/her faith and is making a positive impact on his/her community, a minister (old, middle-aged, and youth) who works hard but is underappreciated/deserves to be recognized, a youth who is actively on fire for God, someone who not only preaches their faith but practices it and lives it out,  a humanitarian who has devoted his/her life to doing good works unto others, a selfless person in your life that you want to recognize, or an active social justice enthusiast who fights for what's right, nominate them here for our 'Love Thy Neighbor' Award.

Do you like this list? Well, there more! Click here to see more free services courtesy of Born to Be Unique in Christ, which includes (for all of my literature and book lovers), a free literature mailing list! Happy Freebie-ing!

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