Be a Student Member of the Board of Community Standards Review Board!

If you get tired of saying "No," with little to no effect and trying to make people understand the issues with certain campus conduct codes, apply to be a student member (essentially apply your voice as a student), and have an influence on student code of conduct by serving on  the Amherst College Community Standards Board! This includes having a voice about code of conduct on sexual assault and harassment, prejudice, and discrimination.)

Taken directly from the site, the characteristics of a viable candidate are as follows:

  • A clear & logical thought process
  • The ability to maintain objectivity regardless of past experience
  • The ability to work closely & collaboratively with peers, faculty, & staff members
  • A sense of current events on campus
  • An understanding of the mission of the College

if this sounds like this could be you, apply now!


  1. Give a student's perspective on what of how the Student Code of Conduct should be structured and thought about
  2. Give your voice to an issue on campus you're passionate about
  3. Resume Booster
  4. Help your fellow colleagues have a safer campus by forming a supportive and updated Student Code of Conduct


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