Tips For a Better New Year's Eve

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There are many factors that go into a night of New Year's Eve celebrations. Location, friends, food, drink, makeup, heels, and of course, the outfit. When I think of New Year's Eve, a few things come to mind. Previous NYE’s conjure memories of distress of finding a party at the last minute, scrambling together friends who are still around over break, and trying to ensure Ryan Gosling is around to kiss me at midnight (turns out to be a puppy or my BFF instead). I know that there are many more NYE’s ahead of us to be legally able to hit the clubs and have fabulous glamorous nights. But as collegiettes now, here are tips to ensure we have a fabulous time while ringing in 2013, whether in your home town or on campus.
            New Year's throwback, 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine, Kardashian NYE cover shoot. 
1. Secure Those Plans
At least 4-5 days before NYE, you should know with whom and where you are partying! If none of your friends are taking the initiative, plan something yourself. Whether it is at your house or your friend’s, take control of your night! Make a list of people you want to invite and think of the food and decorations you will need. Make sure the parents are out of the way, too (bye mom).
2. Wear Something New
I’m not instructing you to go out and buy six new outfits like Carrie Bradshaw before a first date. But on NYE, you deserve to feel great about how you look and ready to take on a fresh year. Go out and find a special lip color or platform shoe that will make you feel unstoppable and will compliment your little black dress. This little something new will carry you into the New Year with style.
3. Don’t Let Drama Happen
New Year's Eve is not the night to let drama affect your plans. Distance yourself from drama-causing people. If this includes your major friend group, spend NYE with other friends or your family instead.
4. Wear Something Comfortable
You will have a better night if you’re not constantly pulling down your mini-dress. Also, wear makeup that involves minimal maintenance. Waterproof mascara is helpful!
5. Realistic Resolutions (say that five times fast)
Think about things you do that can be modified, not changed, as resolutions. Things that don’t count as resolutions: losing X amount of weight, going on a diet, studying more, spending less money, etc. These things aren’t measureable. Set goals; losing weight can be modified to eating three veggies a day, going on a diet can be turned into not eating chocolate on Tuesdays, studying more can be spending at least one hour in the library a day, and spending less money can be turned into creating a money log to track your expenses.

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