Surprisingly Great Camp Counselor: David Brewer '19

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Her Campus American University: Where is home?

David Brewer: Glastonbury, Connecticut!

HCAU: Is there somewhere in particular that feels like home? Why?

D.B.: I LOVE the suburbs. I used to think the city was the place for me but I realized how much I miss being able to go out to a state forest and walk around, with friends or by myself. Sometimes it's nice to get away from the lights and the traffic.

HCAU: What are you studying in Kogod?

D.B.: Finance

HCAU: If you could work anywhere, where would it be?

D.B.: I want to work at Capital Venture

HCAU: Why Capital Venture? 

D.B.: I've always loved innovation and entrepreneurship, but have never felt like I really had any ideas that were feasible enough to start myself. I'm also pretty good with numbers, so Venture Capital offers a great mix between the sort of art of entrepreneurship and science of Finance.

HCAU: What are you involved in on and off campus? 

D.B.: On campus I'm a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, AU's Professional Business Fraternity. I was also a member of AU's Department of Performing Arts in the spring of my Freshman and Sophomore year. I am a TA for two Kogod classes, Business 1.0 and ITEC 200. Off campus I work at LL Bean back home.

HCAU: Do you have any hidden talents?

D.B.: Not really, although people are always a little surprised when I talk about having been a camp counselor (and a pretty decent one) because they "don't see me as the type of person children would like."

HCAU: At this moment, if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

D.B.: I'd pick a nice tropical island, just me, a few friends, and the beach! It's winter and finals season, and I'd always rather be by the beach!

HCAU: You are going to happy hour, who would you take? Where would you go and what would you talk about?

D.B.: I'd take Emma Watson to a nice rooftop Happy Hour spot with great views, and we'd probably plan our wedding.

HCAU: What are 3 things you cannot live without?

D.B.: First, my headphones- I love music and can't go anywhere without them. Number two, my dog - she's so old that she can't really see or hear anymore, but she's still my puppy. Lastly, puns - I never take anything too seriously, and I will always try to make a bad out of something to give my friends a laugh.

HCAU: Before graduating in 2019, what is your biggest bucket list item and why?

D.B.: It sounds cheesy but I'd love to be on one of the student panels about students who have done well with internship and career experience during undergrad. I think it would  assure me that I've succeeded while here and assure other students that different people have different paths.

Photo credits belong to David.

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