Dear Amanda Bynes

Dear Amanda Bynes,

Whatever happened to that cute, adorable girl we all used to know and love from The Amanda Show? Or that funny, but all grown-up, talented actress from She’s the Man and Hairspray? I remember watching you growing up from Nickelodeon to What I Like About You to Easy A. I supported you, I rooted for you. You were that funny girl. An individual, in a category all on your own. You stood out amongst the boys like, Kenan & Kel, and Nick Cannon. And I admired that about you, I’m sure other young girls did too. You were unlike other actresses of your generation – you were really funny. And as you got older, you stayed out of the spotlight, you continued to be different. You didn’t go through that rebellious teenage stage. You weren’t Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. But I guess you got tired of living above the influence.

Kudos to you for lasting so long, but don’t you think 26 was a little too late to start that YOLO lifestyle? I just don’t get it. From the wanna-be Lady Gaga wigs to wanting to drop a few pounds when there’s really nothing to drop. But can we please discuss your dimple piercings? That is definitely something I’ve only seen on Tumblr, and Tumblr girls aren’t real. I don’t know what made you think this was okay. You now have holes in your face. And not to mention this whole Drake obsession. Girl, you have got to get a grip. I’m sure if this were to happen it’d be all over the headlines, and for a moment you’d be like "Hell Ya F*cking Right." And you’d say, “Drake is the Best I Ever Had.” But then he’d be like Take Care, and you’d have to Find Your Love somewhere else. And these senseless Twitter rants. They just make you look stupid. Like tweeting, “I created the phrase ily & lololol. *proud*” or “You couldn't pay me enough to do anything for you." I’m sorry but the dumb blonde act is out-of-style, no one does that anymore. And what’s up with you being rude to Nikki Blonksy? Remember Hairspray? She’s just trying to be a good friend and see how you are doing.

But I do hope that eventually you’ll be able to find your way back to yourself. Back to that funny, now young woman, that we all grew to love and adore. Whether you’re retired from acting or not, or you are actually going to pursue fashion, I wish you the best. Please, young girls need positive role models as the one you once were.

P.S. “Mwaa-haa!,” “I like eggs,” “Amanda Please!”


A Confused Former Fan

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