10 Emojis We Still Need

Have no fear, new emojis are here. Apple has announced images of the new emojis that will be included in the newest iOS 8.3 update, out later this year. Included in the update are a new and extremely diverse people section (with six different skin tones to choose from), more flags, new technology (like an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch emoji), and even same sex couple emojis. Now that Apple has finally answered our prayers about having more diversity, it's time to alert them of some new emoji ideas that we also need. 

1. Black Nail Polish Emoji for those moments when you need to paint your nails the color of your soul. 

2. Starbucks Emoji so that even our emojis can be basic. 

3. Unicorn Emoji because you are one of a kind and need something better to describe you. 

4. Beyonce "Single Ladies" Dancing Emoji because Beyonce is queen. Enough said.

5. Cupcake Emoji because cupcakes are bomb. 

6. Fingers Crossed Emoji because your good luck is 10x better when it's in emoji form. 

7. Burrito Emoji because it makes it 100x easier to tell you my Chipotle order. 

8. Middle Finger Emoji for those people who deserve it. You know what I'm talking about. 

9. Black Heart Emoji to say "I Love You" in a way that matches your soul. 

10. Drops Mic Emoji because sometimes your truth bombs need a little flare. 

Who knows, maybe we will see this in the next next update. 

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