Open letter to my school friends

                  It is hard to think of how my life was before I met you. In just a few short weeks, memories were made that I know will last me a lifetime. Thank you for being there during the good times and the bad. It is hard to spend time away from each other; I find that even when I am home for a weekend, I cannot wait to come back and see you. Thank you for helping me cram before a major exam in the study room. I appreciate the rides to the grocery store when I need to stock up my refrigerator and all you want are cheese-sticks. Always know that if you have a runny nose, I keep cold medicine in my closet. Meals are a lot easier in the dining hall when we sit together and talk about things from the Kardashians’ net worth to how much you miss your family. I love running into you on campus and knowing we will catch up later. Thank you for making memories with me on the weekends that we may never actually remember. I love to think ahead to the future and know you’ll be a guest at my wedding or even a bridesmaid. Late night conversations about the things that inspire you allow me to get to know you better. Thank you for picking out my outfits. I appreciate it when you make my cup of coffee for me. The coffee bar is always open to anyone. It is okay that sometimes you only come in my room to use the charger, except for when your feet stink. I love when you show me pictures from when you were a baby. The shovel is always in my room for when there is snow on the ground and you all need to get your cars out. I apologize that you can hear me screaming from your room, even when my door is shut. Tell me your biggest fears and your darkest secrets. Everything you share is always safe with me. I understand it can be difficult letting someone in when knowing them for only a short time. Friendships we make in college are different. Friends become more like family. You’re the first person I want to talk to about my day. I know I would be lost without the support you have given me. With a school like ours, it is very easy to get lost in the mix. With friends like the ones I have made, I know I am not in this experience alone. I am grateful for the people I have crossed paths with. I believe everything happens for a reason and for meeting some I am a better person. Friends here have taught me lessons of their own and things about myself I would never have discovered if it weren’t for them. I find myself constantly wanting to just thank them for being who they are. I would say my door is always open, but you all know that considering you do not knock anymore.

Social Work Major and Junior at the University at Albany

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