Commit To Your Art

I was scrolling through Instagram for the night while I was curled up in bed, memes are always entertaining, and I came across a post that simply read, commit to your art in 2017. Just like you, I love a meme that makes me laugh because of how freakishly accurate to life but this one made me stop immediately. With everything weighing you down in college from relationships, assignments, deadlines, your job and even the limited time for self-care, I was definitely in a funk. I lost my motivation to do anything productive and lost sight of my goals for a moment. This meme felt like an alarm clock. It told me it is time to pick myself up and commit to my art, passions and goals again.


It is easy to lose sight of that when personal things seem to overwhelm your life but I have to remember where I am. I’m here. I’m here because I have dreams and aspirations I am working towards every day. I am surrounded by all of these opportunities to build myself up for the great person I see myself as years from now. Boys will come and go and friendships will be rocky, but these sleepless nights to get an essay will completely pay off when I am walking across the stage to get my degree.


Every day I build and add to my vision of lifetime goals. Whether it is photography, writing, activism or counseling, now is the time to invest in my future. From being on the constant look out for new internship and volunteer opportunities or staying up to date with current events pertaining to important social issues, everything little thing I do should add to my art and vision. How do you commit to your art?